A backstage entrance into the world of neuroscience and academia.

Join our team! Here are some ideas on how you could contribute…

Start small. We don’t expect a fully developed article or piece of art.

Here are our proposed contributions:

  • Send an interview Q&A to someone you look up to and write a post with their responses. 
  • Write about your career development plans
  • Write about something interesting in neuroscience or your specific field
  • Write about your personal experiences: with publishing, public speaking, attending conferences, everything going virtual, writing a thesis, visiting a summer course, networking, hobbies, etc.
  • How does your favorite hobby make you a more well-rounded person/scientist?
  • Showcase your art (painting, illustrations, videos)
  • Specific interesting topics: for instance the effect of dopamine on learning, how memories are tied to places or smells, how neurons communicate, etc.
  • Write about why you like science/neuroscience
  • Write a general-audience version of your paper or your paper’s abstract

Write us on our social media platforms on Twitter or Instagram or drop us an email: simpleneuro@lin-magdeburg.de